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Image by Suzanne D. Williams

The Diagnosis Did Not Determine Her Destiny

Image by Alfred Schrock

We are truly amazed at God's faithfulness. He has carried Jayla through several life-altering phases: operations, obstacles, and oppositions. We have witnessed His Glory during each challenge she has endured and overcome. God has healed, delivered, and set Jayla free. She will now use her blessings to bless others.


In 2000, at seven weeks old, Jayla had an emergency brain operation.

The neurosurgeon told her Mom, "She may never walk, talk, grow, or do anything. We will have to just wait and see."

Jayla endured another brain surgery in 2003.


After returning home from a family trip, Jayla was admitted to the hospital in 2006. Her hospital visit lasted for several weeks. She was hemorrhaging from the brain and battling major complications. Several of her organs were affected and in danger of failing. God spared her life.

Jayla overcame many obstacles and progressed well during her educational experience.


When she graduated from High School in 2018, her Special Education Team told her Mom that college was not an option for Jayla due to her Autism and intellectual disabilities.

Jayla completed a secondary education program that prepared her to work.


Her Mom shared her testimony with the Seminary's Dean where she was receiving her Doctorate. He was so touched by God's Power in Jayla's journey that he selected her as the 2022 Honorary Doctorate Degree Recipient. Her family and friends were amazed at God's Favor! 

God allowed her to receive an Honoray Doctorate Degree in the exact year that she would have graduated with her Bachelor's under normal circumstances.

Jayla made history when she walked across the stage with her Mom!

Shortly after, Dr. Jayla's mother was divinely inspired to establish a program with the objective of empowering and fortifying citizens worldwide. The program offers significant and gratifying opportunities for Dr. Jayla and her peers to have a positive impact on communities by creating a global movement. The objective of the program is to empower the participants to make a difference in communities worldwide and contribute to the betterment of society. This initiative is a testament to the dedication and altruism of Dr. Jayla and her mother, who have taken up the mantle of social responsibility with admirable fervor.

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